Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a wonderful hymn

I found on the internet web this lovely hymn sung by the Episcopal bishops during their meeting in New Orleans:

All creatures of the our God, sing praise,
with thankful hearts your voices raise
O sing praises! Alleluia!
O Brother Sun with golden beam,
O Sister Moon with silver gleam!

Dear Mother Earth, who day by day
unfolds our blessings on our way
O sing praises! Alleluia!
The flow'rs and fruit that in you grow,
let them God's glory also show!

Isn't that just such a lovely churchy hymn? I know we've made great strives in the humnology field over the last forty years, but the Episcopalians are setting such a high bar. I only wish we could trade with them and have Katharine Jefferts Schori as our pope.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh and another thing....

I would have posted this sooner, but the solar batteries needed to recharge (I convinced Syblyng Bob that hooking the generator up to a hamster wheel would be exploitative of our syblyngs the hamsters...).

Oh, and a fond hello to our syblyngs at the Spirit of Vatican 2 "Faith Community"!

Essene Bread

Hello everyone! In keeping with the Gorebertine Community's commitment to the rescue of Mother Earth, we honor our syblyngs the animals by not killing and eating them, and our syblyngs the plants by not desecrating the bodies they share with us for sustenance by any form of burning. So here's one of the many peaceful recipes we enjoy:

4c wheatberries
1/2c to 1c minced veggies (your choice)
2T seeds (caraway, poppy, sesame, etc)

Soak wheatberries 15 hours, then allow to drain for 15 hours.

Grind the wheat. Mix in the veggies. Form into a loaf shape and sprinkle top with seeds.

"Bake" in the sun or a warm (70-90 degrees) place 12 to 24 hours or until firm. You may need to turn the loaf over so that the bottom will "bake".

This makes marvellous wafers for when we are Eucharist together.

Peace to all of Gaia's creation!

This Internet Web

I never realized what an absolute mess this internet web is. I thought I had a handle on it before, but now that we've changed to the Vic20 from the Philco/telegraph key I'm amazed at what passes as Catholic spirituality on this internet web. People are actually celebrating a forced return to mumbling in Latin. No doubt typing away with their grease stained fingers after eating their Styrofoam encapsulated sandwiches of meatdeath. And probably while wearing their man made clothes too. I'm sorry... I can't type any more now. I need to go to the mud pit for a ritual cleansing in the embrace of Mother Earth.


Welcome to the Gorbertine Community. We are a religious order dedicated to the Spirit of Vatican II and our truth of Gaea as Our Mother. We have members of all genders and gender identities, hence we have discarded outdated titles such as 'brother' and 'sister' and go by the more enlightened title of syblyng. Our main compound is located in rural Wisconsin. I cannot be more specific as we are currently providing sanctuary to members of the Gaean community sought by the government. We invite all to join us in our adoration of Mother Earth and the Spirit of the Holy Parent. I should mention that one of our main tenants is to only use what technology we must. But this blog on the Internet is to fight fire with fire. And toward that end this blog will be updated on our Vic20 that we have for that purpose. Oh... and one note. Based on advice of our legal council we must state that we have been excommunicated by the patriarchal rigid hierarchy of the Vatican. Although we do not recognize their authority to excommunicate us.