Monday, October 1, 2007


Blessings upon the tens and tens of syblyngs who have found their way here. We will try to post as often as we can, but have suffered a slight setback. It's been overcast today and so the solar batteries are not quiet fully charged. We have been working on alternative power sources. The first was the hampster wheel, but Syb Madison became Syb MADison, if you know what I mean, before straightening me out on that one. Next we tried a windmill. But last night there were many high winds and while Syb Joe and I were trying to hold the windmill down it took off like a helicopter carrying Syb Joe to the heavens. We are still trying to find Syb Joe. I am sure he is ok as he had his Gaea beads with him.


Medieval Trad said...

Why don't you just put a couple of heretics on the treadmill to power your machinery? A few lashes and they'll soon get the wheel turning at a good rate.

And remember, it's for the good of their souls. A warning of the pain of Hell.

Syb Bob said...

Oh medieval trad.. you know that since Vatican II we've opened our eyes that there were never any such things as "heretics". Just those who believe in yet another wonderful way. But if you mean putting some of those huge carbon footprinted capitalist meatdeath eaters on a treadmill... well I might consider that.