Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Peace-to-our-syblyngs-the-cows Loaf

Well! Syblyng Bob has collected some wonderful donations from our syblyngs the farmers here locally. It's so nice that we have such generous neighbors! So here's a recipe I'm going to prepare for the community, to celebrate Gaia's bounty:

1 beet, grated
1-2 sweet potatoes, grated
1-2 white potatoes, grated
1 turnip, grated
1 onion, diced
3 celery stalks, with leaves
1 lb raw peanuts

Process each item individually in a food processor. Mix all together, chill in refrigerator overnight. Form into a loaf.


Rae said...

After forming the loaf, should I bake it...?

Or is this like a cheeseball, to be sliced and spread on bread?

Syblyng Madison said...

Oh no no no, Syblyng Rae!! You must never ever burn our syblyngs the plants! No, the loaf is meant to be a peaceful alternative to "meat" loaf ("meatdeath", as Syblyng Bob would say). But I suppose you could serve it with our Essene Bread....

Medieval Trad said...

It sounds like the sort of thing I used to use to torture suspected heretics, until the Church went all soft and stopped me.

Ah well, back to the rack.

It's for their own good, you know.

Rae said...

We can chop, grind, mangle our plant syblings to a pulp, but we can't cook them...? There must be a theological explanation!

Syb Bob said...

Eating plants to fuel our bodies is ok. It's the using of fuels that contributes to the ecodeath of Holy Mother Gaea that is wrong. Although learned theologians are still debating the issue.

Syblyng Madison said...

Also, Syblyng Bob, we are showing solidarity with our womyn and indiginous people syblyngs by not putting anyone through the torture they suffered under the ecopatriarchy----burning at the stake.

Medieval Trad said...

Burning at the stake? Now you're talking!

I am now facilitating a "Feel the Inquisition" empowerment day, where we workshop how to bring heretic- and witch-burning into the modern liturgical framework in an inclusive, actively participating way.

These things aren't just for the benefit of the heretic's immortal soul you know; it helps us all to experience as a learning community.

Just think of it as liturgical dance with music by Marty Haugen (once the heretics start to scream, it sounds like him anyway)

Kieron Wood said...

When you said "form into a loaf", we thought you meant that we should form OURSELVES into a loaf. Seven of the community tried for several days, until someone came up with an alternative explanation. Could you be clearer in future please?